Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dear India

Native speakers of English find The F-Word offensive in most public settings.  For instance, it ought not to be included in any song played as Muzak in a coffee shop.  I know Shaggy and AKon are SUUUUUUPER cool, but really, you gotta get the radio edit before you play that CD at Barista.   (Ok, Shaggy is actually pretty cool.  Roni, memories of Bassett St and S. Mills?)

Also, could you get a message to that guy who was riding his bike behind me on Apte Road today?  The one who was whistling at me?  Over and over again?  And who started ringing his bike bell AND whistling when the whistling alone didn't get me to turn around?  Yea, him.  Let him know that no woman is ever going to go for that.  Especially not this married, 33 year old mother of two.  

love, Maggie

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