Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Which I am le Tired, but I blahg ennyway bc Mz Nag Ch. said so

Please imagine this entire post a la this. Also, I think you can enlairge the pictures, but I dunno, I just write the blogs ok don't ask me ok? ok.

Hokay. So, maybe you already know, but we are in INDIA.

It is big, old, spiritual motherland, full of Indians and us. Part we are in (like our apartment) it smells like nag champa. rilly.

First we were here, was ok, don't wanna go back.
cuz we saw it already.

Now we are here. It is le Pune.
It's great, we're done.

On June, we are going to Delhi I think, I hope so, I didn't buy the tickets yet. Here is a Delhi, don't even think about pastrami,
it's not that kind of Delhi.

After that, we will go to some Leh. Is north, Ladakhist, very Buddhi.

It is in Hi-Mall-uh-yuhz, say it right, means abode of snow. I know, b.c I am a Sanskrit.

After some La-dee-dakhing around, we are going home. You know what home looks like, cuz mostly you live there. And the other ones know. It looks like a storage space. Big closet. With our stuffs.

Then we are not coming to any more INDIAs for a long time, kyunki I have to go find some tenure. So, in this sort of area

where should we go for touring about? It's a contest. If we go to the spot you recommend, you get to come watch the kids while Maggie and I go eat yukky spicy Indian food for once, you can order McDonalds they deliver everywhere.

We have more restrictions on time than money, like maybe 5-8 days we could spend all at once or broken up. And area, so we are not going to Oh! Calcutta or the oRissa.

Anybody who says, go to Ahmedabad you can visit LD Institute for Prakrit Books, you get rs10 bonus. Nobody wants to go to Ahmedabad

plus I went there one time already except for Prakrit is not great.

Some day I'm going to be | | this close to getting a tenure track job and someone is going to say, Aren't you the guy from Nag Champion? And then I am going to be washing dishes again. Is Hokay, I kind of liked it.


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Grandpa George said...


I love India though I've only been once--mostly to Ladakh, which means I love Buddhist India, I suppose. But I remember Delhi in June. HOTTTT!!! And Dharamsala--not so hot but beautiful with Monks slap-debating. Leh is not-so-hot yearround, I bet, because you can see the snow on the peaks in June.

Now I read lots about India and think "am glad it's not like US of free enterprise, social insecurity and caveat emptor (leaving out devil take the hindmost). I predict you will all miss it some day and remember it forever.

Anonymous said...

Jaipur. Please. And buy me lots of jewelry. Even if we are all total strangers.
Thank you.