Thursday, May 7, 2009

We interrupt the Goa posts... bring you a concise update on our current location, travel plans and moving schedule!

Seems there has been a bit of confusion among Nag Champa fans who might not read the blog religiously or who are not close relatives. In order to clear that up, here's the news:

Right now we are still in Pune. In early June we move to Ladahk.

We are leaving India early, in early-ish August.

From India we are going back to Madison, some of us for just a week or two, others of us for more like a month.

Chris has accepted a job at Washington & Lee University, in Lexington VA. We're going to be there for the 2009-10 academic year. After that, we're at the mercies of the academic job market.

(McGovern, can you pre-order some more cow sacrifices for us? That first one worked so well!)

We are by turns, and often all at once super excited, and totally bummed out. Thrilled for the job, the going home early, the chance to live so much closer to our East Coast peeps, and the new experiences waiting in VA. And terribly sad to have to more permanently say goodbye to Madison and everything and everyone we love there.

(Rumor has it that Chris could come back and do some teaching at the UW in the summer, so you Madisonians may not be totally rid of us yet!)

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Anonymous said...

I had this fantasy that when we come to visit WI we could meet up for lunch in Madison and hear about your India travels. Alas. But hey, Virginia isn't ALL that far from Maine, is it?? Not as far as, say, Pune and Ladakh? Wishing you all well in your continued stateside adventures, too!