Saturday, May 2, 2009

For Ms. Eclectically Yours, and others...

Yes! Obligation Free Blogging - of course. And now, free from obligation, 3 pictures to whet your appetites... First, the kids at the Anjuna Market. (Ben's expression is 100% representative of his opinion of the whole enterprise.) And then the flight of stairs up to our room at Villa Rivercat - dreamy, huh?


Susannah said...

Great dress on Caitlin! Any trepidation about being so close to such big horns?

I suspect that Ben, in his ever-growing Chris-likeness ("Christianity" just didn't seem like the right word), has years of faces like that ahead of him. Watch out, family photos.

Much love!

Anonymous said...

LOL!Beautiful photos, beautiful post! Love that market no matter what Ben thinks!
Can't wait for more post...but you know, no pressure ;)

And those STEPS...I want them!