Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meema and Uncle Dan!

Braving a 15 hour flight and a summer heat wave, Meema and Uncle Dan just wrapped up a week's visit to India, and what a visit it was.

From the plush confines of the Delhi Radisson to the homey recesses of southwest Pune our intrepid relations braved the best and worst India has to offer.  What we lacked in big flash tourist activities we more than made up for in pleasant slice of life adventures.  
The kids delighted in showing M and UD around, taking them to the pool and Guides as well as a bunch of our favorite restaurants.  
It was ridiculously stinkin' hot, make-you-take-a-3-hour-nap hot so we really didn't do much - we couldn't!  However, UD and Chris squeezed in some motorcycle touring 
Safety First!

and movie making.
The Executive Producer hard at work with his editorial assistants.

And we also spent an afternoon poking around in the Old City in Pune.  

In Delhi we took a driving tour of some of the city's famous spots,
 and spent and enjoyable morning exploring (and SHOPPING) at Dilli Haht, an arts and handicrafts bazaar.  We also witnessed a hail storm 
(not kidding, not Photoshopped) and ate truly fabulous food.

But really, the point of the visit was to spend time together after 7 (8?) months apart, and I think we all parted feeling reconnected and replenished.  Cookies were baked, books read, games played, pictures colored and so on.  All the good ol' Grandma activities were enjoyed, along with plenty of wrestling and silliness with Uncle Dan. 

I know my brother is ready for another trip, and my mom - well, my mom is ready for us to come home!  Here's hoping the next 3 months speed by and that UD can find a way to visit us in Ladahk.  

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