Monday, May 4, 2009

Official Announcement

A few weeks ago I mentioned some developing news--the first batch, not the nonsense about what I'm driving these days which is, btw, the world's most popular motorcycle. [mine does not have electric start, cuz it's old] Since then I've spoken with most of the SLNC advisory board about the denouement of that patch of excitement, but maybe those of you who aren't nuclearally related to a Nag Champion might like to know what the heck I was talking about.

2009-10 I will be teaching as a Visiting Assistant Instructor at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. It's about as good a first job as a young(ish? pushing 35?) scholar could ask for, particularly someone like me who has always been about classroom first and research later. W&L was ranked #14 among small liberal arts schools last year--it usually comes in around there. The job is a one year replacement for a colleague by whom I am frankly intimidated because of the might of his research acumen, but he is working with my advisor on a book right now, and so I got an inside track. The job is 6 courses over 2 12-week and 1 4-week semesters. Fall I'm teaching Intro to Religions and a 200-level seminar on renunciate religious virtuosos in India. We'll see about the Winter term courseload once I've had a chance to get my legs under me.

In addition to a near-ideal professional environment, the job offer was very generous--and will get a little more generous once I defend this fall. Lexington is horse country, which will be great for Maggie and Caitlin. Our best family friends the Hullemans are getting a job at JMU an hour away. The emerging Dr. Paul is in Charlottesville, also an hour away, and my folks are in Greensboro, three hours away. Aunt Margaret's house is prolly 4 hours.

Unfortunately, this means we will be far from WI...and that people will need to come visit.

Look--my wife and kids went on vacation, and all I get to do is post the pictures:


katie said...

congratulations - what a wonderful opportunity for you!

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Hey, guys! Congrats on the job!!! Kudos for you. Not all newly finished PhD's can say they have a job out of the gate. I'm sad, of course, but this is a wonderful event!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Hey isn't that closer to Maine?