Sunday, April 5, 2009


Let me say first that I am not usually a cake mix kind of person. Not that there is anything wrong with cake mix - I happen to find cake mix cakes DELICIOUS. I just also happen to love to bake and so I usually make cakes from scratch. But the other day I spotted something delightful at the grocery store and couldn't resist...

(Caitlin was pretty excited too.)
Note the financial incentive for buying local:

And check out the directions:

This is cake mix that you can put into a pan, and then, after placing the pan into a pressure cooker, cook on the stove top. Sweet, huh? Too bad there is no cake pan small enough to fit in a pressure cooker, or pressure cooker big enough to accomdate a cake pan. Details, details...

Double bagged... for extra freshness?

The result was delish.

(Frosting was not included, but rather from the worldwidewebinternets. Extra-special decoration provided by your's truly. Presentation is everything.)


Grandpa George said...

Caitlin, you sure do look like your Mother!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, i'm finally catching up!

This is great, to see Caitlyn and the directions on this bag! I remember we brought a bunch of stuff back like this from India. And where is that wonderful scrapbook now? Stashed away somewhere I think. Bake on slow flame. In a caketin.

Glad it turned out so well!