Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goa Drops to #3...

I used to think going to Goa was the best thing that was going to happen this month. Then my mom and brother surprised us by planning a trip to India. Goa dropped to second. And then tonight we attended the Bharaht Guides and Scouts "meet" in honor of the 90th anniversary of, um, something. (The program was entirely in Marathi...) Goa is now third.

Caitlin's unit (troop?) spend a solid month working on this routine. The music is up-to-the second Bollywood pop and the dance was choreographed by a pack of teenage girls. Costumes were rented (is this a great city or what?) and parents were amazed.

There were bunches of dances, a rather long, rather high rope ladder and a signal tower that was at least 2 stories tall. There were speeches, songs and awards given to honored guests. (The theme of the meet was leprosey treatment so we guessed that some of those feted had done good work, combatting leprosey.)

There was even a demonstration of fire-rescue techniques, in which pre-teen boys jumped off a second storey balcony into a blanket and then were carried off, slung over the shoulders of other pre-teen boys. Stay tuned for the video.

How will Goa ever measure up?


Anonymous said...

I'm SO impressed!! What an awesome experience and show!

margaret said...

Oh, my! Caitlin, I am amazed. That was awesome! I was able to pick you out right away even though the video is pretty small on our monitor. Then I saw the photo below, and you look absolutely stunning. You make me want to dance too.