Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goan... Goan... Gone!

(My husband rocks. If you haven't already, see the post below.)

In less than 24 hours the kids and I leave for Goa and Chris heads back to Varanasi. We're down to one laptop and somebody is going to have to write a dissertation one of these days, so I'm going to be computer free for the next week and a half. (Wahoo!)

I promise there will be tons of Goa pictures and stories up on ye olde blogge when we return, but until then, let me leave you with a few links to droll over and some pictures snatched from the worldwidewebinternets.

First stop: Villa Rivercat, Mandrem Beach - this will be our base in N. Goa for 5 days. From here we'll strike out to the hippie haven of Arombol, the flea market in Anjuna

(If you don't like trance music, you might want to mute this video. Goa has been home to a vibrant music scene for longer than I've been alive and many tourists come just for the parties... but not us!)

and hopefully also the birth center in Assagao. I'm trying hard to keep the agenda light and loose so there will be plenty of time to just kick back and enjoy this...

After our week on the beach we head down to Panjim, the capital of Goa. We'll spend 3 nights at Panjim Pousada, and spend our days wandering around the lanes of the old city, checking out colonial Portuguese architecture and cathedrals. (Did you know Goa was a Portuguese colony? And that it wasn't a part of India at all until 1961 and was only made a state in 1987?) The kids are also gung-ho to visit a spice farm and hang out with elephants.

From Panjim we're flying up to Delhi to serve as the welcoming committee for my mom and brother! Meema is re-establishing herself as an intrepid world traveller and we are beyond excited that she's breaking the 16 year international travel fast with a trip to see us.

So, a day or so in Delhi, living the good life and then we're back to Pune to show off our latest adopted hometown to the visitors.

Everyone wish Chris good luck and godspeed as he returns to Varanasi in an attempt to sort out some paper work. Reports from friends there say that elections in UP have been peaceful thus far, and we hope that continues. Chris will be in safe hands with Aijaz, so no need to worry.

Both beach pics are of Mandrem Beach, North Goa.


margaret said...

Now I know why you're going to Goa: Ben's love of trance music!
Safe and fun travels to you...and Yay for a visiting Meema and UD!

Anonymous said...

You may not get this for awhile, but I loved that vid. We went to this flea market..ah, heaven! Missed the great parties tho...nothing much happening when we were there...

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Hi, Maggie, Chris, Caitlin and Ben! My boys are standing right next to me and think it is soooo cool that we can send you an email in India. We loved watching the video. The kids are getting so big. Caitlin looked beautiful. Peter (who loves girls) said, "she looks good"! Too cute.

I am so envious of the experience you are having.

Jodi, Tom and Peter Bubenzer