Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Real EhiRunner would never do something like name posts after obscure Grateful Dead songs

In Which the Contents of the Post Has Nothing To Do With Its Title
1.  C-rock, first sleepover, with the Indian Girl Scouts.  Slept on the floor, on what I think might have been a tarp, from 1:30a-6a.  Didn't think of us once.
2. First scooter accident.  Was going 2mph, other guy was stockstill.  Tried to brake without letting up on the gas.  Damage: one dirty look from 'guy.'  Countermanded by a smile from the girlfriend.
3. Go beyond Facebook to productive procrastination--omfg, how about the downloads section of the Apple website?  Personal video diary, 400 dictionaries in one, create and manage prescriptions and rehabilitative workout routines, guitar practice manager, etc etc etc.   And I'm not really wasting time because I'm only getting more productive.
Gratuitous India Picture:

Overstating the obvious caption: Contractors are the same everywhere.  Further overstating the obvious: this is pre 2009 Ms India Nag Champion's review of the construction site.  Finally overstating the obvious: people throughout the appliance installation industry are terrified of my wife, or should be.
4. Most intersections in India have no light or stop sign.  Diagrams from MSPaint of how this is handled forthcoming.
5.  I am the real EhiRunner.  Accept no substitutes.  Pay no attention to that EhiKnitter...
6. Drastic irony: I will be telling some people tonight all about my close reading and attention to detail.  I failed, however, to notice that MsNC was in fact logged in as herself to post, only logged in as me to make comments about sheep-herding and stuff like that.  Now I look doubly like a fool (overstating the obvious, now done).

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Maggie said...

I am Ms. Nag Champa 2009 and I approved this post.

And FYI: If you have anything to do with the sale or installation of appliances in India, you had BETTER be scared! Especially if you think my cream colored upholstered dining room chair is an appropriate substitute for a step stool, or if you sell me an air conditioner WITHOUT A PLUG. Or if you only dispatch the installation team at 7pm, for a 5+ hour job...