Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pune by the Numbers

Highest temperature recorded in Pune: 43.3 C (109.4 F) (April 30, 1987)
Lowest: 1.7 C (35.06 F) (January 17, 1935)
Rank of Pune amongst Indian cities for per capita income: 1
Number of billionaires in Pune: 1 (Cyrus Poonawalla - how cool is it that his name literally translates as "Cyrus Pune-guy"?!)
Rank of Pune among the wealthiest cities in India: 6
Rank of Pune's population among Indian cities: 7
Rank of Pune among Indian cities for number of homes with PCs: 1
Average amount of gasoline used to fuel vehicles in Pune each day : 1,000,000L
Average amount of diesel: 1,500,000L
Number of new titles added to the Pune British Library during the last month: 254

1 comment:

Grandpa George said...

Does the Pune British Library get The Economist?--what other news magazines? Of the new books received, what countries are they published in?

What does high temp and low humidity (say 7%) feel like?