Tuesday, April 28, 2009

scooty goes empty

Yesterday the scooty sputtered and stopped at a stoplight.  Out of gas.  My internal meter of how much I have (since opening the tank and looking in only works so well) was thrown off by the days out of town and off the scooty.  Fortunately, when a scooter runs out of gas, you're supposed to lean it as far as you can to one side, and then right it again.  That produced enough to get me to the 'petrol pump' around the corner.  (Only 3 months til it's a gas station again! with 44 oz fountain drinks and ice...) On the way there I saw another motorist pushing his ride in that direction.  Happens all the time.

Fact: I have yet to purchase a full gallon of gasoline here.  I usually get Rs100 worth, which is like 2.1 liters = .6 gallons.  Always full service.   Imagine pulling up at the local Sunoco and saying 'could somebody come out and give me a dollar's worth of gas?'

Gratuitous cute picture to redeem this post:
We know who the hit-makers are.  This is us getting ready to face Pune traffic.  Stay tuned for more vehicular news and analysis.

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Grandpa George said...

another of the true marvels of India.

Read the current Economist about health care in India and the story about low-cost health care and note the awake by-pass surgery!!!

All things considered, there's a lot to be amazed about in India.