Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hasketts in India, by the Numbers

Number of days on which we have experienced rain since arriving in India: less than 7
Number of pillows which we bought, or which were purchased on our behalf: 6
Number of pillows we brought with us from the US: 6
Number of whisks I have bought: 2
Number of mangoes on my kitchen counter: 6
Number of mango lassis I have consumed in India: 0
Average number of rickshaw rides taken by all Hasketts, per day, in Pune: 1
Average length of any rickshaw ride taken by any Haskett in Varanasi: 1 hour
Number of cycle rickshaw races the Hasketts have been involved in: 2
Victories won by me in a cycle rickshaw race: 0
Episodes of food poisoning sustained by the Hasketts in Varanasi: 5
Average length of time between intestinal illness in any Haskett in Varanasi: 2 weeks
Age of the Haskett least prone to intestinal distress: 10
Age of the Haskett most prone to intestinal distress: 33
Number of episodes of food poisoning or other intestinal distress in Pune: 0
Bowls of won-ton soup eaten by my children prior to coming to India: 0
Bowls of won-ton soup eaten by my chilren in the last 2 months: 6
Number of grandparent visits so far: 3 (WATCH THIS SPACE!!!)
Number of aunt/uncle visits so far: 1
Days until the kids and I leave for Goa: 17
Bags of chocolate chips in my kitchen: 4.5
Weight per bag of chocolate chips: 90g
Estimated number of pounds I have lost since coming to India (chocolate chips not withstanding!) : 15
Number of swimsuits purchased in India: 4


Sunflower Hill Farm said...

15 pounds??? Do you even have 15 spare pounds? Sounds like quite the adventure. I have romantic visions of India (belly dancing, drinking tea and henna). I'm sure that's not what it's really like...

Take care,

ehirunner said...

Conspicuously absent here:
Number of pages of dissertation written
Number of taxpayer dollars expended
Number of hours worked per average by lead and only researcher on this project
Number of new person-language units (ie 1 person learns 1 language = 1 unit, 2 people 2 langs = 4 units) acquired since departure (actual answer, somewhere in the 7+ range)