Monday, April 13, 2009

Weather Report Suite

Folks have been asking about the weather here in fabulous Pune. For the most accurate description let me refer you to the classic Robin Williams moment (at about 4:44) in Good morning Vietnam.

It gets up to about 100F nearly every day now, but thankfully we have next to no humidity. Evenings allegedly drop down below 80, but we never really feel that. Our house seems to hold steady at about 85 which is actually pretty comfortable without humidity.

Our weather widget likes to report that conditions include "smoke". Honestly, it isn't smoky at our house, but I imagine it is elsewhere - this is India! Between the 2stroke engines in the auto-rickshaws, the legions of scooters and all the people who burn dung for cooking fires there is a lot of air pollution everywhere, but Pune is much better than Varanasi.

So, it is hot, dry and not too smoky. The kids and I were able to tolerate an hour of traipsing back and forth to 4 different banks this afternoon, between 2 and 3pm. No one got too hot or even too crabby. Summer in Wisconsin is often more unpleasant than this, and summer in the South always is!

Never the less, we spend a lot of time indoors, especially in the afternoon if we can manage it. I now understand why the parks and nearly everything else shuts down for the afternoon!

On a non-weather note, if you are of a mind to do such a thing, send some encouraging, brilliant, pa-tootie kickin' vibes Chris's way around 9am central time Tuesday, ok? We'd all be grateful!


Grandpa George said...

Is anyone (gov't or private sector) working on air pollution? Will it get worse when the Nano hits the market?

White Tiger has a striking description of air pollution and traffic congestion in Delhi. There must be a tipping point somewhere.

Grandpa George said...

Grandma Ginny again.
The picture behind the words at the top of the screen is beautiful. What is it?
There's a post it in the kitchen for 10 a.m. eastern daylight time tomorrow. Did you account for daylight savings time? Does India save daylight?