Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11

(Warning: This is the lamest, most picture-less excuse for a new dog post ever, I'm sorry to say. Such irony that BOTH of my cameras would fail in the midst of my post-per-day blog month, and on the day we adopted a new dog too...his adoption page is still up so you can click over to see the insane cuteness. )

We named him Mookie and he's a pug mix - probably beagle. Adult, but young, though the folks at the pound didn't know much about him at all. (Things are a bit loose out at the Alleghany county SPCA...) No particular reason for the name, but there are a number of famous Mookies, and also very fitting use of the name in modern slang. (Definition 2.)

Mookie is a wonderful little dude. A bit on the shy side, but warming up fast and already totally devoted to following me around constantly. Mostly he's leary of Chris, which we think comes of being poorly treated by a former male owner, but Chris is patient and mellow about it so hopes are high for good male bonding in the future. The children adore him and Mookie is completely tolerant of all of their affection, if not beside himself with glee.

I let Caitlin in on the surprise earlier this afternoon so she went with me to pick him up. We brought the folks at the pound a tub of brownies which I hoped to soften saying goodbye to Mookie. There were 2 women there who were really attached and one even got a bit teary seeing him go.

Ben was given a wrapped dog toy as his first Hanukkah "present" but he didn't catch on, even after we walked in with the dog. He thought we were just borrowing Mookie from a neighbor, but he quickly got up to speed. Sitting in the big green chair with Mookie and me Ben said, "I knew we were going to have a happy Hanukkah, but now I know it will be a happy HAPPY Hanukkah."

Pictures tomorrow, I promise. We have to document Mookie's first meeting with Aunt Shu and Dr. Paul!

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KM said...

Congrats on the new doggie! Can't wait to meet him in person.