Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18

Flurries started around 2:20. By 3 the backyard looked like this. (This qualifies as 'snow' around here and people get excited about this sort of accumulation.

By the time we headed to our neighbor's for Hanukkah festivities there was enough snow for a (slow) run down the sledding hill across the street, and enough to register foot prints in the road.

And then, by the time we came home, just before 7:30, this is what it looked like!

We measured 9 inches in the yard and 7.5 in the street. Mookie's belly no longer cleared the snow, but he seemed thrilled to jump around in it. We walked out to Main St, which barely seemed to have been plowed, and none of the side streets had been done. Wonder how many snow plows Lexington owns... There were lots and lots of people out walking and marveling at the snow too.

Now at 9:30ish I just measured 11 inches in the yard and its coming down as hard as ever. The weather report calls for a 100% chance of snow from now until 8pm tomorrow and 16-20 inches in my part of the state, with higher accumulation along the Blue Ridge, which is where we are. Can't wait to see what we wake up to tomorrow!

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