Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13

Finally, a new camera! And without even leaving Lexington. Sunday school was cancelled today on account of freezing rain, so while we all were glad to get some extra sleep I was bit nervous about having to forgo my Roanoke shopping trip. Happily a little shop in town sells gelt and I had the intestinal fortitude to brave Wal-Mart. (All credit goes to Caitlin for providing me with moral support.) And so without further ado, the beloved and wonderful Mookie!

He's already a lot mellower than when we first brought him home - doesn't (usually) run from Chris and now readily leaves my side to go investigate the children. Although he may not have had the happiest home life previously he was obviously trained pretty well. He sits and jumps up on things when asked, and heels like a champ. We're having so much fun getting to know him and just plain enjoying his company.

Tomorrow may bring his first spell at home, alone, and then later a house full of kids. Wish us luck!

And for those who are interested, HERE's a link to a photo of last year's Hanukkah party, and an explanation of the same is HERE. (The blog is written by our friend Dr. Lowell and is wonderful window into the lives of an American family called to service in Varanasi. Worth taking a few minutes to read the archives...)

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