Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15

5 bucks at the thrift store and my kids have all the equipment they need to build a robot. Ben has hopes that it will actually move and talk. Something about using the keyboard chip to allow the robot to 'type' its thoughts. If only my skills matched his enthusiasm! Any ideas on how to facilitate for a budding robotics engineer?

In other news, 3 of Chris's students joined us for dinner tonight. We reprised last night's feast, improved only by Chris's superior latkes. Turns out his Sanskrit student is a dreidel whiz but int the end Ben and one of Chris's seminar students triumphed with a HUGE pile of chocolate.

Mookie continues to mellow and was totally cool with tonight's activities. He's such a great little guy - I'm so grateful that the star aligned and he was able to join the family.

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