Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 24

I give up. The interwebs are clogged by all the people staying up, watching Santa's progress around the world on NORAD and I can't Blogger to load my 3 measly pictures.

But it was a lovely day none the less. We celebrated Ginny's birthday with a big delicious dinner followed by the world's best chocolate cake. (I am not kidding, and you know I know chocolate cake. My mother-in-law has found the ultimate recipe and Susannah's execution today was flawless. Hosannah in the highest!) The little dudes all enjoyed each other's company, but Mookie is clearly the most adored Virginia relative. With a delightful display of good-nature he let Lucy chase him around and around the house, shouting, "A dog! A dog Mookie!" all the while. He promptly passed out at 9:30.

And us old folks are getting on famously too. Looking forward to seeing BUE tomorrow, along with more of the Rick and Kay clan.

And pictures, really looking forward to being able to post some pictures.

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