Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12

New dog - check.

Visit from Susannah and Paul - check.

Hanukkah festivities - check.

Multiple, and increasingly creative and complex Star Wars games - check.

Outings with new dog, including a solo walk with Caitlin - check.

Nifty Hanukkah goodies - check.

New camera already - uuuhhhhhhmmmmmm......

(Going to Roanoke tomorrow, hoping to track down a camera as well as some bona fide Hanukkah gelt for our Hanukkah and Husbands party tomorrow.)

(Monks are a bit hard to come by in the wilds of VA, but husbands we've got! Looking forward to another cut-throat dreidel game. My money's on Ella.)


KM said...

Excellent! But is the H&H party tomorrow or Monday??

Maggie said...

doh! Monday. lack of camera and the shame that comes from shoddy blogging are impairing my ability to function properly. see you soon!