Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19

Its only 4 and already I'm ready for bed - So. Much. Shoveling. While Chris and the kids are out sledding and fort building (for the third time!), I'm filing today's post a bit early with every confidence that there'll be plenty of opportunities to take sledding and snow fort pictures tomorrow. Last time I measured we were at 20" and it had momentarily stopped snowing. But snow is falling again so we may well top 2 feet before this is all finished! Here's how things look today...

Remember our pond? (See yesterday's post for a reminder.) Here's what it looks like now.

Our car is the first hump.

And this is view out the back. Check out that mound of snow on the garbage can!

And finally, our lovely home, before I really started shoveling in earnest. Chris and I both made attempts to clear the steps a bit last night, but mostly failed. What you see is mostly just a result of us scrambling up and down.

Happily I made some tasty baked oatmeal to fuel today's exertions.

And now to ponder dinner and try to crank out a few tiny knitted somethings for a sweet tiny girl!

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