Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9

How to have a happy day...

1. Start on dessert early.

2. Spend over an hour in the tub. (He is 5 now and won't allow bath pictures, so a sunny, prune-y hand is all you'll get.)

3. Stack your Hanukkah presents nicely on the table after shaking them thoroughly.

4. Clean your kitchen and revel in the sunshine.

5. Study Hebrew with help from a nifty website.

6. Continue to count your lucky stars that you married a man with sisters who send you fabulous kitchen tools that you'd never break down and buy for yourself. (that's real love, people.)

7. Play board games with your mom only to quit the second your dad walks in the door, out of sheer unbridled glee.
Also recommended:
Numerous clandestine phone calls about the fdsjkf to confirm pick-up date and schedule vrngjfkje appointments
Resisting the urge to call your sister-in-law repeatedly to squeal about the fdsjkf. (Not because I don't love squealing with said s-i-l, its just that the kids would catch on.)
Reading aloud to kids, snuggled under big fluffy comforters.
Giggling about Derrida with your husband.

All of the above may help fend off hurt feelings when you learn that your husband actually hates mint brownies, after you've made a 9x13 of them and skipped knitting to stay home with the ingrate, I mean the beloved man.

But honestly it doesn't do much at all to lessen the blow of learning that your dog is dying. What were those cliches again? Must be time to make myself some tea... She's had a long and wonderful life and truly, her memory is for a blessing, but it still just plain sucks.


Susannah said...

i've been solo squeeeeeing all day, maybe in psychic response to you. i love this posting spree, and all the sisterly love in this one in particular.

paul and i have plans to see you again this weekend!

Susannah said...

also, i'm thinking lovingly of tio dog/bear. glad y'all got to visit over thanksgiving.

margaret said...

oh, tio. such a lovable dog. hugs to you, maggie.