Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16th

Adding another trip to Roanoke each week may be worth it in the long run, especially if Caitlin and I continue to have such great conversations. We talked about different relationship energy dynamics and the ins and outs of recording a rock band in a studio. Also touched on the difference between lead and rhythm guitar and how the energy in the house changes depending on parent presence. In between the talks in the car she learned about the genocide in Darfur and worked on a relief project with her B'nai Mitzvot class. Awesome kid.

(I scanned the collected works of Cesar Milan and consumed really awful Starbucks/Cheesecake Factory/Barnes & Noble fake food. Awesome timepass.) (Yes, timepass really is a word. There are even timepass wallahs on the trains in India.)

Dinner at the Roanoker and the picture of me in front of it - not quite so awesome. But again, totally worth it.

Obligatory Mookie Update: He makes noises like a Wookiee. (Yes, Wookiee has 2 ee's.) But almost exclusively when I'm not home. Getting mellower still. Love this dog. So. Much.

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KM said...

Maybe you could change the spelling of his name to Mookiee ;)

Love the car ride conversations. I concur on the awesome kid proclamation.